Our People

Since founding Tritactics more than eight years ago, Pete Keogh has always strived to provide his clientele with the best quality service, programs and expert advice.

With this goal in mind, Pete has grown his team with the addition of several key instructors, who add to the vast experience already offered by Pete Keogh and Tritactics.

With over 20 years in the fitness industry Sean is an accomplished and qualified Personal Trainer and has attained the Martial Arts rank of 6th Degree Black Belt. Sean has been working with Pete in the Education sector since 2009.

With extensive experience in business management and holding the martial arts rank of 3rd degree black belt, Jo Bell not only presents school and women’s self defence programs but also assists Pete with the day to day running and ongoing development of TriTactics.

Justin Bell is the newest member of our team and assists Pete with the Education Sector Programs. His martial arts and knowledge of Muay Thai have made him a great contributor to the Tritactics Martial Arts programs being conducted in schools.

TriTactics is also fortunate to have the input of a registered psychologist whose experience in both the clinical and forensic fields, adds further depth to our Workplace Violence Prevention Program.

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