Aggression Outlet Training Adult/Children

Pete has developed and successfully implemented programs for the not-for-profit sector, community groups and the health sector. These programs specifically target ‘at risk’ youth, survivors of abuse, personal safety for community or health workers, self-managing aggressive behaviour and improving self-confidence. Organisations Peter has worked with include Drummond St Relationship Centre, Waverly Help Mates, Austin Hospital Adolescent In-Patient Unit, Royal District Nursing Service and Southern Health. Pete liaises with a number of community organisations to ensure these programs remain relevant and accessible.

It is a course designed for people going through a range of difficult issues, from early or recent sexual abuse, any old or recent physical assault, any trauma held within to being the aggressor/ bully in a relationship or the community in general. The course will endeavor to teach the student to release built up or deeply held feelings of hurt or aggression. Knowing everyone is made up differently, the course aims to slowly break down the wall of concealment to enhance the healing or discover process.

Key Organizations

  • Cathy Freeman Foundation
  • Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASA)
  • Childwise
  • City of Kingston Mental Health Week
  • International Security Training Academy (ISTA)
  • Neighbourhood Watch Forums
  • Salvation Army Eastcare
  • Southern Health
  • Stonnington Youth Resources
  • Victoria Police (Prahran)
  • Youth Connect
  • Youth Express