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Tritactics was established in 2006 by Pete Keogh and offers self defence, personal safety, anger management and aggression outlet programs to a diverse clientele.

With almost 30 years of martial arts experience, Pete has established and run various programs under the martial arts umbrella throughout Australia.

The professional experiences he has gained across a broad spectrum of industries have been combined with Pete’s passion for martial arts to establish TriTactics. Pete is able to work at all levels, delivering programs to corporates, individuals, families, schools, clubs, community groups and support organisations.

As founder of the Tritactics business, Pete has successfully developed and delivered martial arts, self-defence and anger management programs across Melbourne. Pete has implemented programs for the education sector, not-for-profit sector, community groups and the health sector.

These programs specifically target ‘at risk’ youth, survivors of abuse, personal safety for community or health workers, self-managing aggressive behaviour and improving self-confidence. He has also developed a program for school students with the aim to improve their fitness & self-confidence and increases their self-awareness while equipping them with personal safety skills.